June 2016

February 24, 2017
Aura pic after my birthday.


Aura 2013 & 2015 comparison

April 30, 2015

Since I am Left Brained I periodically like to compare my aura pics after about a yr between photos. Same location,same type of camera for the series. I do have some level of consistency. Since 2013-present I feel the energy is stronger & expands out of head,face and hands sometimes. Interesting sensation. During both of these aura pics while my hands were on the plates I felt surges of energy expand out of me. 
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Stills from Aura video Dec 2012 & Aura comparison from 2011

April 30, 2015

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Reiki in Hospitals

December 6, 2014
It's very good to know that Reiki is being shared around the world and that articles are presented in the media. Here is one from the US News & World Report.

I do believe the ancient people & indigenous had a similar understanding of how to support the energy field of others. 


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Buddhism Energy-Higashi Honganji

August 7, 2013
Buddhism energy is rather new to me, but I feel it resonates well with my Reiki practice & my higher self. When I entered Higashi Honganji temple for the first time, I felt a really strong energy. It was almost too intense at first. I perceived it as a buzzing, warm, and like a bubble of energy that provided a sense of immediate calm & yet curiosity. I almost felt like I was going to fall into a trance or something & I had a strange sense of feeling slightly overwhelmed & as if my chest and h...
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Ajikan Meditation-Shingon Buddhism

August 7, 2013
After receiving my Reiki Master last year, I felt I needed to connect to the Japanese foundations of Reiki. So I read some books & did some online research. I realize since Usui sensei had a strong Buddhism background & philosophy that I should do something to support that energy within myself.

So now I do my best to participate in Ajikan Meditation at home & if I can I visit the temple.  I was looking for the Buddhism energy connection to support my reiki experience & found Koyasan temple. Wh...

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Koyasan Temple-Los Angeles

March 19, 2013
My lovely reiki sis drove us to Koyasan Buddhist Temple for the first time. It was a nice experience & I liked the energy inside. I feel attracted to the energies of Esoteric Buddhism & something about the chanting makes my cells, body & soul vibrate. I feel peaceful & almost in a trance when I hear the chanting.

I wanted to "feel it" b/c I want to know if this is what Usui Sensei felt. In the historical excerpts they claim that he was influenced by Shintoism & also may have studied Esoteric B...

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Aura Energy & Reiki-video link

December 24, 2012

My kind friend Alberto filmed a brief video to show his Aura & how his energy shifts & changes in response to my energy. It's a brief video & doesn't fully represent what happens in a long session, but you get the idea.

My aura shifts colors, but my basic color these days is Green with some yellow. I notice when I'm being helpful my colors shift to green/blue to turquoise/lavender/pink & also white. When I'm thinking, concentrating or stressed my colors turn yellow...
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Qigong, Tai Chi and true Masters

September 2, 2012
In my quest for videos and information about Qigong and Tai Chi, I happened upon two incredibly gifted, inspiring men on youtube. Dr. Paul Lam and Master Li Junfeng.  These men epitomize unconditional love, ancient wisdom, and you can feel the beautiful and compassionate energy they emit and project simply by watching their videos. 

I recommended Master Li's group to some of my friends in Austin, TX.  They're so lucky to live in his state! He does tours as an instructor to various countries as...

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Divine Intuition Book

July 25, 2012
Here's another book that I recommend for those embracing their intuition or curious about the topic. I enjoyed this book & shared some things in common with the writer. I could identify with some of her experiences and inspiration. The book "came" to me at the perfect time.
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Heiwa Reiki WLA

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