Heiwa Reiki offers a special space and invitation to honor yourself,relax and feel connected. Nurture your "whole" being~mind, body and spirit.


Services~50 min-1 hr Reiki energy sessions.

~I've done Reiki in the ICU. I'm also familiar with hospital protocol, asepsis & am comfortable with ER settings, Surgery Centers,Oncology, Isolation Units, Assisted Living & Nursing Homes.

~I've participated in "group & distance reiki" with other healers in regular & hospital settings & done bereavement & family,relationship support Reiki.

~Will consider short distance travel for special circumstances (i.e. hospice patients, hospitalized, elderly clients, children undergoing cancer treatment).

Your Experience  Enjoy an hour to relax,meditate,rejuvenate, and energize your mind,body and soul with a Reiki energy session. Connect with the Universal Life Force; rediscover your inner healer and spiritual essence. Enjoy the warm, loving, and compassionate energies which surround you and ease your stress and worries away. Take time to connect with life, love and your "Self".

Visit now!  Aura Reiki Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QGNHjnX9O0

Testimonials-Here are a few paraphrased examples of what clients have said after sessions:

"I feel lighter and taller. It was more relaxing than a massage. I feel as if something was lifted & feel much more calm & peaceful. I'm so happy. I feel more positive & relaxed. I was a bit of a skeptic, but I felt the energy really strong, immediately when you started at my head. I'd like to buy a gift certificate for my friend. I saw purple & white colors. I saw bright white flashing lights. I saw two letters.  It felt like I was floating and for a minute I didn't know if you were still there. That was one of the best Reiki sessions that I've had. I almost felt a bit high. I really enjoyed Reiki. Thank you for your support. I felt warmth from your hands and something like a vibration. I saw green colors. Your hands were vibrating. I felt like energies were moving. Something felt like it released. I felt a little bit of a spinning sensation. I felt a wave of chills & it felt good. Yes I am left handed. Yes I had surgery there. Yes I injured that knee. Yes I had a bad accident on that side of my body when I was younger. Yes that's the ankle I broke in the past. My hands felt warm.  I'm surprised you saw green going there, b/c I had surgery when I was a child. Yes I had an injury on my left shoulder & forehead. I'm really surprised that I can feel the energy so strong. I don't see colors, but I feel all the energy. I had a vision and saw people walking. It felt like I was in a dream, but I was completely aware of what was going on around me. I lost time when I fell asleep. Did I fall asleep? My hands felt warm & tingly. I had a vision of a figure walking past my visual field. I feel energized and really good. I'll try to bring my younger sister. I'm going to bring my mom to try Reiki. I'd like to bring my son to try Reiki. Reiki is better than an orgasm". (Ok, pardon the bluntness of the last statement, but some clients feel rather jubilant & talkative after reiki & it was a laugh out loud moment-freedom of expression).

Other Considerations~I'm a UCLA Alumni member,B.A. Psychology. I will always have a special place in my heart for fellow Bruins. I volunteered in the past with the Child Life, Pediatric/Adolescent Psych Unit at UCLA Med Center. I've had experience working with staff & patients in nursing homes, Adolescent Psych, Med/Surg, & Oncology. So I hope in the future to bring my Reiki experience to some of those settings to help staff, patients, or their families. I feel Reiki is beneficial especially in patient & hospice care. If you'd like to bring your "sensitive or healer" kids to try reiki or if you'd like them to participate & help me during the reiki session with you, I'm open to that. It's a fun experience for us. Children, as we know are often very intuitive/sensitive & open to energies & love to help.
I'm interested in Auras, Astrology, Numerology, Synchronicities, Crystal Energy, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Psychology and Medicine. 
We have the option to use crystals if you'd like. If you have pendants, stones/crystals, totems, pics, runes, tarot decks or charms that are symbolic and help you feel connected to your spiritual essence, please let me know so we can find ways to incorporate them. (We can place them on the massage table next to you, in your pocket, or set up small pictures on the table next to us). 
Right now I resonate with the energies & inspiration of Kannon Bosatsu,Hildegard von Bingen, Socrates & Erich Fromm. I'm open to various energies,deities,and everyday humans who help us connect to the Cosmos & Oneness of humanity or who inspire us to be our most Compassionate Self. I'd love to hear about your experiences with spirituality, synchronicities or mysticism. I truly would like to share in your experience~Gassho                                                                                                ©2017 Heiwa Reiki
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