My kind friend Alberto filmed a brief video to show his Aura & how his energy shifts & changes in response to my energy. It's a brief video & doesn't fully represent what happens in a long session, but you get the idea.

My aura shifts colors, but my basic color these days is Green with some yellow. I notice when I'm being helpful my colors shift to green/blue to turquoise/lavender/pink & also white. When I'm thinking, concentrating or stressed my colors turn yellow orange & red. I was able to observe my entire spectrum during my aura fllming. Our energies do change & shift, but my basic colors hold steady around green/yellow for now & is consistent with past aura polaroid fotos.
People in the "aura" & energy community identify green, blue, purple, white & turquoise as some of the healing or higher vibrational energies. 

I know in my sessions I'll see green colors go to people's old injuries or old surgical sites & I often see white light or concentric circles of turquoise, lavender/purple, yellow. Those three colors will pulsate & then stop & turn purple/lavender & sometimes I see diamond shaped turquoise sparkling lights in my mind's eye when the energy is absorbed by clients.

I have confirmed people's injuries based off the green colors going to particular physical sites, so there must be something to that color. That's my personal experience. It may be different for other reiki workers.  

Many clients come in to relax or try Reiki or have non-specific needs, but after the session I'll ask them about the green colors, b/c the body remembers those injuries or traumas. I'm also very curious about the things I experience during Reiki & to see what they experience as well. Every person & session is different & I'm starting to notice or "see/sense" different types of things