~Although Reiki is an energetic & spiritual practice, it's important to know that hospitals and universities are conducting research on the benefits of Reiki from a bio-psycho-social perspective. They now recognize the potential for energetic healing modalities on the well-being of the person. Since we are electrochemical, physical beings, scientists and medical professionals are able to measure and test some of the "physiological" benefits of Reiki on the human body. Specific observations include decreased blood pressure, less need for pain meds, & slower or more relaxed respirations, less agitation, better sleep patterns. Obviously, each person & circumstance is different & variations in benefits or outcomes will occur, but it's important that Reiki is being considered an important adjunct to improve patient and staff well-being. 

The benefits of energetic presence and therapeutic human touch & human contact cannot be overlooked, particularly in the healthcare setting. Patients and clients have reported less anxiety and lower pain levels after Reiki and a general sense of calm. 

Reiki is also an excellent "energetic" alternative/adjunct/consideration in situations where physical contact or physical comforting is not possible. Reiki can be given a few inches above clients, so this would be beneficial in situations where there may be a physical injury, burn, surgical site, infection, neuropathy or any other condition where physical contact would be contraindicated or cause distress to a person. But it allows the patient to feel the human love, compassion, companionship on a deeper level. 

Sometimes it takes science time to catch up to the wisdom of generations and to consider what people have known or practiced intuitively for years as complementary methods. I find this fascinating and helpful because research brings awareness to the general public and validates the importance & potential benefits of alternative and holistic practices such as Reiki, Qigong, Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing, Radiance Healing, energy medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. 

~UCLA is one of the leading research Medical Centers in the USA & incorporates the Urban Zen program in an integrative approach to help patients. It was founded by designer Donna Karan after her husband passed away from cancer. Specially trained medical staff provide Reiki & yoga to certain patients.

~UCLA  & UCLA/SM hospitals offer Reiki services to staff members for stress relief and relaxation.

~Reiki has been researched and implemented at some of the nation's top medical facilities. Please see links below for UCLA, Beth Israel Orthopedic Rehab, Mayo Clinic, Columbia University Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center,Yale New Haven Hospital.

~Reiki and complementary medicine have been utilized by the government to assist Military veterans.

~Reiki has been used to assist in the rehabilitation of substance abuse and alcohol recovery clients.

UCLA Medical Center articles & research links for Reiki. I'm proud to be a Bruin Alumni member. 

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Center for Reiki Research~Sponsored by (ICRT) International Center for Reiki Training

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