Buddhism energy is rather new to me, but I feel it resonates well with my Reiki practice & my higher self. When I entered Higashi Honganji temple for the first time, I felt a really strong energy. It was almost too intense at first. I perceived it as a buzzing, warm, and like a bubble of energy that provided a sense of immediate calm & yet curiosity. I almost felt like I was going to fall into a trance or something & I had a strange sense of feeling slightly overwhelmed & as if my chest and heart chakra were expanding. It was like a warm, protective bubble of energy & felt as if the world dropped away. It felt like a safe, peaceful,protective cocoon. This temple has a sacred energy inside. And I was a little surprised by the strength of the sensation.

Their main Buddha is Amida. For some reason I felt drawn to the energy of the 2nd Main founder Rennyo Shonin.  I'll need to explore more on that vibe & research his vision, influence.


I have no real clue why I feel this way when I enter these sacred places, but it's an amazing sensation. And it's positive so I'll strengthen my connection to it.

I had to take a picture of the altar where I felt that crazy vibe! No disrespect intended.