My lovely reiki sis drove us to Koyasan Buddhist Temple for the first time. It was a nice experience & I liked the energy inside. I feel attracted to the energies of Esoteric Buddhism & something about the chanting makes my cells, body & soul vibrate. I feel peaceful & almost in a trance when I hear the chanting.

I wanted to "feel it" b/c I want to know if this is what Usui Sensei felt. In the historical excerpts they claim that he was influenced by Shintoism & also may have studied Esoteric Buddhism. I believe they state he may have been associated with Shingon,Tendai or possibly Mikkyo Buddhism. So I was curious to find out if I could feel "the magic". And I most definitely felt something special.

I'm uncertain if I'll be Buddhist in this lifetime, but I'm interested in speaking to them about metaphysical & mystical things & to see if there is anything they may be able to impart regarding meditation or merging with the energies. We met Hayashi-san, who is a very pleasant young monk with warm energy.

This picture is from their website for Ajikan meditation