After receiving my Reiki Master last year, I felt I needed to connect to the Japanese foundations of Reiki. So I read some books & did some online research. I realize since Usui sensei had a strong Buddhism background & philosophy that I should do something to support that energy within myself.

So now I do my best to participate in Ajikan Meditation at home & if I can I visit the temple.  I was looking for the Buddhism energy connection to support my reiki experience & found Koyasan temple. When I connected with the people at Koyasan I knew immediately that the energy would help support my inner vision. I enjoy the sensation of the group & the energy in general. The monks are amazing, wise & very friendly, open-minded.

Our Reiki healing symbols are supposedly associated with a particular Buddha energy, quality.
Symbol 1-Seishi Bosatsu (SAKU, Sah)
Symbol 2-Amida Nyorai (KIRIKU,Hrih)
Symbol 3-Kannon Bosatsu (SA,Sa)
Symbol 4-Dainichi Nyorai or Manjushri Boddhisattva

I honestly feel a deeper connection to my reiki now that I'm meditating at Koyasan. 

Here is a link to another Koysan page with more detailed information about Shingon Buddhism.

I borrowed the picture from the Koyasan Los Angeles meditation room.