In my quest for videos and information about Qigong and Tai Chi, I happened upon two incredibly gifted, inspiring men on youtube. Dr. Paul Lam and Master Li Junfeng.  These men epitomize unconditional love, ancient wisdom, and you can feel the beautiful and compassionate energy they emit and project simply by watching their videos. 

I recommended Master Li's group to some of my friends in Austin, TX.  They're so lucky to live in his state! He does tours as an instructor to various countries as well.
Dr. Paul Lam has a site via Tai Chi Productions and they have links for various countries to locate products and info. I like that Dr.Lam has seated videos for people with mobility problems or for the elderly.  I posted the USA site link below.
I highly recommend both of these men & their videos and books.  You can see some of their videos on youtube. I'd like to meet both of these amazing, inspiring, compassionate souls one day!