Here is another aura image from Jan 2012 from a San Diego psychic faire that happened to be in town the week I was there. The image has more purple/pink/magenta perhaps because I had a deeply emotional meeting with two friends a few days prior & I had been crying quite a bit for both of them. One of them-her father had passed away a few days prior to this pic, and the other friend was going through some extremely difficult, emotional family concerns.

I'd need to get another aura pic done when I'm not so overwhelmed with emotionally painful energy. I believe my underlying colors are still somewhere in the light blue, blue, turquoise and white spectrum as some turquoise & white show up around my crown & sides of my neck & the blue is in the upper aura.

It's fascinating how things affect our energies. And I believe there is much that is not seen by the human eye, but can be felt with the spirit and heart.

I've had professional readings on all of my auras if anyone is interested in hearing what they told me & their interpretation of "spirit guide, master teacher spirits" in the pictures.